Using 3-D Virtual Worlds to Design Collaborative
Information Visualizations

iUni - Information Universe
Explore different learning environments such as a Natural Disaster Area, a Science House, a Quest Atlantis portal to different theme parks for kids, an Art Cafe, and a Virtual Collaboration area.
iScape - Information Landscape
A world dedicated to the analysis and visual display of information for teaching and research purposes.
i-Palace - Memory Palace
Visit the shared resource space of online documents for faculty and students at the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University that attempts to become a truely collaborative 'Memory Palace'.
i-Garden - Mirror Garden
This world visualizes user interaction data (e.g., navigation, manipulation, chatting, and Web access) collected in the i-Palace world. This 'Twin-World' approach aims to guide users, to augment the design and evaluation of virtual worlds, and to provide a tool to research virtual worlds and their evolving user communities.

Come and visit our brave new worlds!

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Last modified: 07/23/2002