Sentient Architecture Camp

Sentient Architecture — Sculptures that Listen and Talk

As the built environment becomes increasingly more complex and integrated with new technologies—including the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)—there is an urgent need to understand how embedded technologies affect the experience of individuals that inhabit these spaces.

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Drawing Machine — Fabricating a Fabrication Machine

One of the mysteries of digital fabrication lies in the machines themselves. From 3D printers and CNC mills to laser cutters they take our designs and print objects in three dimensions, cut forms out of blocks of aluminum, or etch images onto plastic all through a process that can seem somehow magical.

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Augmenting Reality — Design 'Pokemon Go' Like Data Visualizations

Design 'Pokemon Go'-like visualizations that augment the physical, real-world environment with supplemental computer-generated imagery and sound. Spend the first two days learning Unity and Vuforia and understand how to use image targets and augmented reality (AR) markers.

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Thinking Robotics — Don’t think inside the box - Make the robot think

Robotics will become an important part of the 21st century’s life and infrastructure. There is a need to educate the next generation of scientists so they may understand the challenges and opportunities related to robotics.

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Wearables — Innovative Materials | Inventive Solutions

Innovative materials bring to the mainstream exciting possibilities of interactivity and creative design solutions to everyday objects.

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Digital Fabrication — Create | Save | Print | Assemble

3D printing is breaking barriers between industry, institutions, designers and engineers. This next revolution in ‘making’ objects is only limited by one’s imagination.

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Virtual Reality — Hands on with Google Cardboard and the Vive

In this camp, students have the opportunity to develop Virtual Reality applications that will work on their phone with a Google Cardboard, and on the HTC Vive virtual reality display. Using the Unity 3D game engine, students will use a powerful professional tool to build virtual worlds and experience them in virtual reality.

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Camps for high school students who want to make big discoveries.

If you want to learn how to make the engineering discoveries that will shape the future, join us in our first ever Intelligent Systems Engineering Summer Camp Series. In these camps, you will explore how to engineer small-scale, networked, and mobile technology that changes lives and the world. Intelligent Systems Engineering is a bourgeoning field, rich with opportunity for discovery.