Augmenting Reality

Thinking Robotics — Don’t think inside the box - Make the robot think

Camp Instructor(s): Dr. Gregor von Laszewski, Dr. Badi' Abdul-Wahid, and Dr. Martin Swany

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Ratio Guarantee: 6 students per instructor, max 20 students per camp week.

Ages: 13 and up

Prerequisite: None — willing to learn and actively participate

Hardware: Raspberry Pi3, Grove Sensors, BrickPI, Mindstorm EV3, Adruino

Software: Python

Time: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

Location: Smith Research Center, Rm 120 see location.

Cost: $375 per camp week

Course Description:

Robotics will become an important part of the 21st century’s life and infrastructure. There is a need to educate the next generation of scientists so they may understand the challenges and opportunities related to robotics. We will be exploring in this summer school how to program robots to interact with the environment through sensors and then to act upon that sensory information. We will be exploring if such information can be used to build a simple autonomous robot that performs tasks in its environment. Based on students’ background we will be designing a number of robots with varying degrees of complexity. The robots may leverage a variety of sensors such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, GPS signals, magnetic fields, buttons, distance, human brain activity, and others. We will then use these sensors to try to evaluate how we can solve real world problems such as developing an entry system to a door protected by fingerprints, or through a camera while detecting faces, or control a robot on wheels by human brain activity. Advanced students can perform some of the analysis required on supercomputers. Students can contribute their ideas to shape the projects conducted.

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Registration for 2017 camp is now closed.

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