Augmenting Reality

Wearables — Innovative Materials | Inventive Solutions

Camp Instructor(s): Nicole Jacquard, SoA+D, IUB

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Ratio Guarantee: 8 students per instructor, max 20 students per camp week.

Ages: 13 and up

Prerequisite: None

Software: None

Location: Smith Research Center, Rm 120 see location.

Time: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

Cost: $375

Course Description:

Innovative materials bring to the mainstream exciting possibilities of interactivity and creative design solutions to everyday objects. Through the use of smart materials and simple circuitry students will explore the world of creating interactive objects and wearables starting with paper, copper tape, LEDS, and progressing to conductive paint, thread and fabric in addition to small Arduinos.

What Students Take Home: Students take home several objects that have an interactive component using a variety of smart materials.

Registration for 2017 camp is now closed.

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